When Natalia Nicholson started out as a corporate speaker and digital entrepreneur, she quickly realized that there was a lack of resources and mentorship for women who wanted to build businesses online. She also noticed that minority women were especially underrepresented in the field. So, she decided to do something about it.

In 2019, she founded Women In Digital Business, a social enterprise that provides training and mentorship for female entrepreneurs. The organization has helped underrepresented women achieve success in the digital world and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

If you’re a woman who wants to build a business online, Women In Digital Business is your support system for business success. 

Women in Digital Business Media kit and Diversity kit

As a black women-led organization with the vision to make underrepresented and women-owned businesses become represented in the online space through strategic digital marketing.

We want to help bridge that gap so that everyone has a fair chance at succeeding in the business world, regardless of what background they come from.

How can we help


Where you can access lessons all about how to effectively market your products and services online. You’ll learn how to create an irresistible offer, craft a high-converting sales funnel, build a tribe of raving fans, and much more! This program will give you the strategy, skills, and knowledge you need to reach your target market and grow your business with predictable sales.


Where we will work closely with you to map out a strategy for your business that will position it for growth. We’ll help you implement systems and processes that will save you time and money, and we’ll provide ongoing support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.  This program will give you the direction and guidance you need to take your business to seven figures and beyond.

From The Desk Of:

Founder Natalia Nicholson

I built Women in Digital Business out from my desire to help underrepresented women succeed in business. As a woman, I know that being a woman already comes with challenges, and being a black one, makes it even more challenging. But despite these barriers, I have proven to myself that a black and underrepresented woman myself can be successful. 

In my career as a digital marketing coach and growth expert, I have worked with big brands like BT, Google Digital Garage, Godiva Chocolatier, Barking Enterprise Centre, etc. And each time I hear stories of women in the field wanting to start their own business or grow their small business, it fills me with so much hope and joy! Because I know if I have done it, any black and underrepresented woman can do it too.

Seeing Women Succeed

Inspires Me

Seeing women succeed inspires me to keep fighting for underrepresented women’s success because I know we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to achieve!

So if you’re an underrepresented woman reading this, never give up on your dreams and know that you are capable of success too.

All you need is to keep learning, keep growing and most importantly keep taking action! 

Success is waiting for you!


Learn what small businesses and large enterprises have to say about our services. See how we help them grow their businesses with one step  at a time.

Knowing the steps to take to get me from the ideas phase to launching was one of my biggest challenges. Natalia encouraged me to be clear on my end goal and with her extensive knowledge of memberships and the wider digital world, mapped out the steps I needed to take to achieve my goal.anyone about my business."
Lorna phillip, founder of Black Mamas Birth Village
"With Natalia’s expertise, we’ve at last; Launched our wellbeing marketplace Grown our mailing list for both biz and consumer Started earning/trading Helped wellness seekers to connect with small wellbeing businesses and solo wellness professionals Increased people’s awareness of conventional & non-conventional wellness solutions"
ursula wood of wellbeing umbrella
"When I really started implementing what she was teaching me, I found myself confidently ditching what didn’t work and started working with all the right people, people that fit my niche perfectly. This has given me such a confidence boost and I can happily talk to every and anyone about my business."
aquilla austin of bossmum 2 bossmum

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