How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Attracting a customer to your business once is great, but it isn’t good long-term business sense. With my many years of entrepreneurial experience, I can confidently say that, while it’s important to direct your attention to attracting new customers to your brand, it’s equally vital to strengthen your connection with your existing customers.

In fact, it may even be more important. Returning customers are any business’s lifeblood, and with the power of social media platforms, they can be your organization’s online ambassador. Loyal customers don’t just pay for your services and products, they tell other people about you as well.

Too many business owners take repeat customers for granted. It’s important to remember that customers come and go, but you need to protect your investment in earning their business initially by taking good care of them after you’ve welcomed them into your fold. With this in mind, here are my top tips to help make sure your customers keep coming back time and again.


Understand how the Customer Journey Works

First of all, you need to understand how the customer journey works. Putting together a proven strategy specific to your business will help you understand your next move, and will help you serve your customers much better depending on which stage they are in the customer journey. Check out my free masterclass about Customer Value Journey here: https://members.womenindigitalbusiness.com/join

Maintain Contact

Once you’ve made your first sale, it’s important to devote time and resources to building up the relationship you have with them rather than focusing on the next transaction. There are lots of opportunities you can seize to do this. Be active on social media platforms. Send clients a discount or special incentive. Communicate with them regularly through emails and newsletters. But take care that you don’t become a nuisance. There’s a fine line – don’t cross it.

Keep The Customer Experience Relevant And Fresh

Make sure your customers have a good reason to purchase something from you a second time. You can do this by continuing to improve and hone your offerings and by remembering to let your existing customers know what’s new on your site.

Keep Your Customers Surprised

Whenever somebody does something that goes above and beyond expectations, naturally we feel excited and delighted, and, most importantly, we usually tell other people. This may be something as simple as offering customers a special offer for their birthday, or even remembering their preferences in email communications. When customers feel rewarded for their loyalty they’ll continue to return.


Doing good things for your local community is a great way to make customers feel positive about your brand and about shopping with you. You may decide to host a collection for a local charity or donate a percentage of each sale to your chosen non-profit. Whatever you choose to do, make sure customers know about it.

Maintain Excellent Customer Service

No matter how good your product is, if your customer service isn’t up to scratch your customers won’t return for a second time. Make sure your team is highly qualified and customer-centric. Efficient, personalized, and friendly service should always be a top priority.

Make Sure Customers Can Reach You Easily

If customers have to jump through hoops to contact you, they’ll just give up. Ensure there are minimal menu options for customers to navigate through to speak with you and always ensure you respond rapidly to emails, voicemails, and social media comments.

Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them

When you express your gratitude to your customers, you build up a strong relationship with them that will stand the test of time. Sending special rewards for referrals, enrolling them in loyalty schemes when they shop with you multiple times, or even just sending thank you notes will all help you forge a strong bond with your customers that persuades them to return time and again over the years to come.


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Do you feel unseen and unsure about how to navigate the
digital business landscape? If so, EmpowerHER is here for you.


Do you feel unseen and unsure about how to navigate the
digital business landscape? If so, EmpowerHER is here for you.