Marketing for the New Normal

Marketing for the New Normal

In recent times, most of us have been struggling to cope with the changes that COVID-19 has brought upon us all. However, in the world of marketing, there have been huge upheavals, with trends fluctuating and adjusting with every week that goes by.

Virtually every industry has had to look for ways to reinvent itself to cope with the enormous changes that have occurred over the past few weeks in the consumer landscape, and it isn’t too surprising that many have now had to reassess their digital marketing budget and strategy in the light of this new and uncertain economic climate.

While the problems being faced by today’s marketers are unparalleled, there is an upside – this is an ideal time to strategize and make future plans so that they’re ready to hit the ground running once the pandemic is over.

So, what will marketing look like in the new normal that is on the horizon? Here, we take a closer look.

Understanding The Change In Web Usage Behaviour

Almost everyone is at home most of the time at the moment, and that means consumers are spending longer browsing the internet. Between January and March 2020, web usage grew by almost 20%, and the ways in which consumers are using the internet have also changed.

When it comes to online shopping, users may be spending plenty of time browsing, but there are still fewer overall conversions. Certain sectors that have traditionally been very successful, such as travel and tourism, are now nosediving, while home gaming, entertainment, and loungewear sectors are soaring in popularity and profit. One thing that marketers need to be aware of is that any adverts containing COVID-19-related terms are going to be suppressed by Google, so it couldn’t be more important to bear this in mind when the new normal emerges.

Talking In New Ways To Customers

Although there have been many changes in the marketing landscape, it’s still imperative to consider brand awareness. There’s never been a better time to reach out and begin a dialogue with consumers. What are they looking for from the brand? How would they like it to be delivered? While consumer spending is low at the moment, consumers are ready for exciting new things to fill their time and are keen to hear brands’ messages.

To this end, many companies have started to contact clients, letting them know how they can help with their COVID-19-related problems. From free tutorials and new delivery services to simply sending positive news to customers’ inboxes, it’s possible to still maintain good brand awareness despite the current crisis.

Do Different Things With Your Marketing Budget

Lower conversion rates often cause the budget for marketing to be put on hold, yet being creative and agile is the best way to increase the chance of your business’s survival in this crisis. Therefore, reinvesting that marketing budget into a channel that has a longer-term payoff is a good move to ensure future success.

Giving your business website an overhaul is a good place to start, with new creatives and alternative copy on ads and landing pages. Building a long-term SEO strategy is also opportune at this moment. If landing pages are currently focusing on converting more customers, a new focus could be on content to inform or educate the target audience for future marketing opportunities that will eventually turn them into customers. YouTube advertising can also be a priority at this time since many channels such as education, fitness, and cookery are seeing a huge upsurge in views. Building up your brand reputation via this medium will stand it in good stead once the crisis is over.

Although this is a troubled time for every business owner, there are ways to get through the crisis and, by harnessing the power of marketing for a new normal, it’s possible to emerge on the other side of the pandemic with a stronger, more powerful brand.


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Do you feel unseen and unsure about how to navigate the
digital business landscape? If so, EmpowerHER is here for you.


Do you feel unseen and unsure about how to navigate the
digital business landscape? If so, EmpowerHER is here for you.