The Power Of Black Female Mentorship

The Power Of Black Female Mentorship

The Power Of Black Female Mentorship

Mentorship is something that is incredibly important for all entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in their fields. However, for women, and particularly for women from underrepresented groups, it is something that is absolutely indispensable. Why, you may ask. Then read on to learn more about why I feel that black female mentorship is something that is imperative for every aspiring businesswoman of colour.


Why Is Black Female Mentorship So Important?

The answer is that there’s something unique about being mentored by another person who understands the struggles you go through each day. With a black female mentor on hand to offer their advice and experience, women from underrepresented groups can feel truly understood. They can be comfortable in the knowledge that their mentor not only has the skills and experience in the field that will launch their business and keep it successful, but also has also had the same kinds of experiences in the world of business. They too will have experienced sexism, racism, and prejudice in the world of enterprise. That means that they’re best placed to share their own experiences about how you can deal with the situations you encounter and can offer insightful help and advice.


What Is A Good Mentorship Relationship?

Good mentorship relationships should constantly be in a state of change, changing and adapting to the wants and needs of the person being mentored. While it shouldn’t be rigid, though, it should be structured. This is because the best mentorship relationships represent a system of support to give the mentee the confidence to make difficult decisions and to take essential risks to achieve the success they desire.

When it comes to forming strong mentorship relationships between women of colour, the strength of this bond couldn’t be more significant. Black female mentors don’t just want their mentees to be successful, but they also have a vested interest in ensuring that women of colour and those from underrepresented groups change the world of enterprise for the better, taking their rightful position in a traditionally male environment and breaking the pattern of only seeing one black female face around the conference table.


Celebrating Strong Female Role Models In Business

It’s time to celebrate more the successes of women in the digital business sector, and especially the successes of women of colour within this typically masculine field.

As a serial entrepreneur with a long history of both successes and failures, I am passionate about sharing my own experiences with other women who are ready to launch their own digital enterprises. I am dedicated to offering my mentorship to other women who, like me, are keen to become a success in their own right in the world of business, and who aren’t afraid to embrace the risks that come with pursuing this rarely-trodden path. As a proud woman of colour, it is my pleasure and my privilege to offer the benefit of my insights to those who are driven by a desire to make the presence of black women in the boardroom the norm, not the exception, and who are passionate about taking their own success to a whole new level.


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